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  • Ms Katy Coupland

To be or not to be?

On the 10th of February, an enthusiastic group of English literature students, from Leventhorpe’s sixth form, attended a wonderful day of fun-filled, Shakespearean activities at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London.

Students enjoyed a tour of the Globe Theatre, an interactive lecture, and a light-hearted drama workshop. Students learned about the context of the play, Shakespeare’s language choices, and how the play would have been received by the Elizabethan audience.

The day was rounded off with an incredible and unique performance of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Who knew that Ophelia twerked? Incidentally, the interpretive performance is entirely applicable for the upcoming Year 13 English literature exams… surely there is no doubt students will remember that interpretation of the play?

One student said, “It was such a brilliant day and we learned so much!” Another student said, when asked about the highlights of their day, “The whole day was fantastic; my favourite part was probably Mr Dyke playing the part of Ophelia in the drama workshop!”

Another student - who shall remain anonymous - said, “I had an excuse to get a McDonald’s for breakfast and a McDonald’s for dinner at Liverpool Street station! I love school trips! Only joking, Miss. It was a great day and the performance was brilliant.”

It sounds like a thoroughly enjoyable literary feast was had by all.

Alas, let’s revert to the question, “To be or not to be?”

I think it’s a resounding, “to be”.

Same time next year…?

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