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A Whites’ Christmas

In the White household, it is not the snow that makes Christmas magical, but the music and the games. Mr White reveals the joy behind a truly, White Christmas.

At the young age of eleven years old, Mr White met his then musical contender and now wife, Mrs White. Mr White, a keen pianist, singer and clarinettist, and Mrs White, a keen cellist, both entered the schools' music competition. They enjoyed a friendly rivalry throughout high school, but unfortunately for Mr White, Mrs White won the competition every year!

The convivial competitiveness did not prevent a close friendship from forming between the young musicians, and years later, Mr and Mrs White now share three grown-up children. Following in their parents' footsteps, the White children play the piano, trumpet, and violin. They are such a good-humoured and talented bunch, that the White family used to record a Christmas song together every year and send it out to their relatives instead of a Christmas card!

Music is still Mr White’s favourite way to unwind, and he plays and composes music in his spare time. Somewhat surprisingly, Mr White’s favourite band is 'Yellow' singers, Coldplay! He loves them so much that he is even going to see them in concert next year.

It is not just music that makes the Whites' Christmas great fun; Monopoly is another family favourite. As we all know, Mr White tends to get a little competitive thus, a "family-friendly board game" descends into a ferocious game of, ‘not letting Dad win’. Mr White insists that he 'still wins every year' because he 'has studied a Monopoly tactics book'! I am yet to clarify this with Mrs White.

When it comes to a White Christmas dinner, I know most of you are probably wondering the same question as me, ‘does our non-greens eating headteacher force down a Brussel sprout at Christmas time?’

And the answer is, as I predicted, a great, big, fat, 'no'! Green Brussel sprouts have no place in a White Christmas.

Maybe this could be Mr White's new year's resolution? In true Leventhorpe style, I say, 'respect the sprout, Mr White!'

Merry Christmas, Everyone, and 'may your days be merry and bright...'

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