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  • Millie Ozmond 12M

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the study of both human and non-human behaviour and the mind. It is the ideal subject for those who are curious about how the mind functions and the reasons behind how we are. You can learn about notable psychologists and experiments to discover and understand why humans or animals behave in a particular way.

In psychology, you study a wide range of experiments conducted by prominent psychologists including Ivan Pavlov, Wilhelm Wundt, Abraham Maslow, and many others. So, what sort of experiments did they do?

A well-known experimental neurologist and psychologist, Ivan Pavlov is recognised for his discovery of classical conditioning through his work with dogs. Pavlov made the decision to investigate the digestion of dogs and their physical reactions towards food (salivation). He set up an experiment where, after showing food to dogs, he rang a bell. Naturally, the dogs started out oblivious to the bell. However, after repeating this, the dogs started to salivate before the bell rang. They have started to associate hearing the bell with receiving food.

Psychology is generally a pretty fascinating subject. It's great to be able to learn about how mental processes work. However, there are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the brain. Because of this, there are many questions out there, and many people are trying to provide explanations.

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