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The new UK ban on the American XL Bully dogs are taking the news by storm. This comes after numerous vicious dog attacks have been reported, boosting demands for more effective dog training and an increased production of muzzles.


Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has since announced that the breed will be banned by the end of this year. This follows after statistics highlighted that 3 out of 7 deaths this year have been caused by the breed. 


The UK's chief veterinary officer, Christine Middlemiss, issued that there will be an amnesty before the ban and that owners would be required to register their pet, have them neutered and microchipped and must keep them leashed and muzzled in public for the safety of others.


Due to these new rules being implemented , businesses producing dog muzzles and leashes have been inundated with mass orders as XL Bully owners are desperate to get their hands on them. The Muzzle Shop, which is based in West Yorkshire has shared that their sales of dog muzzles have quadrupled in the last week.


But should these dogs be banned? Many are taking further action on social media , expressing their opinions on why these dogs should not be banned and claiming that owners of these attacks should take responsibility instead of punishing the breed. Hundreds have already taken action by protesting in the streets of London taking action by protesting in the streets of London.

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