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Treacherous Hurricane Heading to Washington

The American Red Cross has described this catastrophe as the largest natural disaster in America in recent years.

In Pine Island, an area on the Gulf Coast of Florida, the United States, hundreds of homes have flooded and been evacuated thanks to the monster Hurricane Ian; Pine Island remains half sunken. American news states that towns and whole neighbourhoods have been destroyed.

A few days ago, Hurricane Ian passed Cuba and hit Florida with such force that it has been likened to an ‘’A-Bomb’’. As Florida continues to deal with the aftermath of the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian, it is reported that a devastating 100 people have been killed or are missing. As the hurricane heads towards Washington, Biden remarks that "it is not just a Florida crisis, but an American crisis".

Ron DeSantis, Florida's Governor, describes the county as 'ground zero' for the hurricane. Hard-hit areas did not receive enough warning to evacuate, meaning the death toll is higher than expected.

But why do hurricanes start? When an area is a humid and warm air flows upwards in a zone of warm water, water is released from the air creating the clouds of the storm. As the cloud rises, the air in the hurricane rotates with wind speeds over 64 knots. The results are cataclysmic.

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