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Managing a School Routine

The jump from finishing GCSE’s to starting A-Levels and BTECs can be very stressful.

It’s a time in a teenager’s life when a lot of change will happen, which requires a change in routine. Everyone’s routine in life will change when starting something new - this is not a bad thing, but rather good. It can implement new skills and ideas that teenagers will continue to utilise in their Post-16 education.

There are many ways to help the process of effectively integrating yourself into a new routine change. For example, your school day will look different with the introduction of free periods. This is a perfect way for teenagers to help manage their school routine as this provides the opportunity to become organised and keep on top of their schoolwork, which will take the pressure off at home.

Another beneficial way to use your free periods is to begin to develop Independent Study which will broaden your knowledge and allow you to understand the bigger concept of the subject that you are studying. This is another successful way to review material before the content has been learnt in class, alongside completing revision which is essential to achieve the highest grade possible.

By Nisha Mellows 12R

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