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Lock-In at LevFest

Levethorpe were delighted to welcome back popular band Lock-In. Comprised of four ex-Leventhorpe students, Lock-In entertained us with an exciting performance at LevFest 2022.

We were lucky enough to grab an interview with the band members.

Originally, the band was called 34 Handshakes. They last performed under this name at LevFest 2019 and went on to re-brand themselves as Lock-In. They told us that their ‘name comes from a term meaning that a bartender will allow people to stay and drink in the pub after legal closing times’.

Lock-In's latest release is Vandross, a single that currently has over fifteen thousand streams on Spotify! Their other popular song, Get Over, also has an astonishing one hundred and forty-one thousand streams on Spotify!

Singer, Benjy, said, ‘There hasn't been a single gig where we haven’t been able to surf the crowd!’ This is a testament to the popular and loyal following behind Sawbridgeworth’s young musical talent.

The band was delighted to see the new Science Block and D Block buildings; the most recent additions to the site which were not there when the Lock-In boys were at school.

A couple of fun facts is that band member Angus, the guitarist, also plays the violin. And Benjy told us that if he were to be a dog, he would be a Labrador!

This delightful group of ex-students have pursued their dream to write and perform music, and the Leventhorpe community couldn’t be more proud of them. We loved having them back at Leventhorpe and we hope they return again next year…

Lock-In at LevFest, anyone?

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