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Chewing Gum Under School Desks

Leventhorpe is one of the highest-rated schools in Hertfordshire and is a great school to go to, but the amount of chewing gum under the desks is egregious.

Every time someone drops an item of stationery they see the amount of chewing gum accumulated under the table. In one case, there were more than 50 pieces of disgusting, chewed gum clinging determinedly to the underside of a desk.

People need to stop putting bits of gum under the desks as it is unhygienic and is, quite frankly, gross. It also causes some students to be put off their work because they are scared that they will accidentally touch foul pieces of gum while working.

In short, people must stop putting chewed-up bits of gum under the desks and stop bringing gum into school.

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