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  • Ronnie Everett, Fred Simpson, Tristan Comben


Leventhorpe is a great school and we are all proud to be part of the school community. Our school field is enormous, our new buildings are incredible, and our sporting areas are remarkable.

In light of this, why oh why do some students fail to clean up after themselves?

Plastic bottles, wrappers, bags, and food waste ruin the school environment. Will you commit to the following and help us to keep our school tidy?

  • Recycle where possible.

  • Rubbish needs to go in a bin, not the bushes.

  • If a bin is full, find another one.

  • If you can’t find a bin, keep your rubbish on you.

  • Push your rubbish down inside the bin, otherwise it will make the bin seem full.

  • Toilets are not bins

  • If you throw something at a bin and miss, pick it up and put it back in.

Reduce, reuse, recycle… or simply put it in the bin.

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