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  • Irede Okubadejo 10N

Listen - by Irede Okubadejo 10N

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Can you hear us?

We are the cries, the begs, the tears that you see.

Can you hear us?

We are the voices hiding in the shadows.

We are the whispers for mercy.

Can you hear us?

We are family.

Family, hear our cry.

Stop the greed that bleeds your soul.

Look around, open your eyes.

Open your eyes, to the reality.

The reality of poverty,

The reality of inequality,

The reality of pain,

The reality that becomes our facade...

We can change, if we change together.

We can stop this, if everyone opens their eyes,

Opens their hearts, does a little extra To make someone smile.

If we acknowledge our faults, notice our ­flaws

And let justice lead our call,

Let her song inspire us to do what is right.

Help those in need.

Support those that achieve.

Don’t let jealousy turn you envy green,

Or greed devour everyone you see.

Stop this now.

Change your ways,

Before it’s too late.

Open your heart to destroy this hate.

For at the end of the day,

We are human,

We are unified,

We are one.

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