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The McVitie's Club biscuit is arguably the most underrated chocolate-covered biscuit on the market. Here's why...

According to Nostalgia Central, 'W & R Jacob and Company started producing the “Club Milk” biscuit in Dublin just before the outbreak of World War I, using images of playing cards from the Club suit to illustrate and advertise the new product'.

It seems that not only is the Club biscuit delicious, but it is also 109 years old. Over the years there have been various additions to the Club biscuit. How many of these do you remember?

Club Wafer = Pale blue wrapper

Club Milk = Red wrapper with the queen of clubs

Club Plain = Green wrapper with a picture of a golf ball

Club Orange = Orange wrapper with a picture of an orange

Club Fruit = Purple wrapper with a picture of a bunch of grapes

Club Mint = Dark Green wrapper with a picture of a Mint leaf

The Club biscuit remains a popular item of confectionery today. Indeed, several Leventhorpe students told us why they think the Club biscuit is the perfect post-school treat. One student said, "It has the perfect ratio of chocolate, mint and biscuit." Another student said, "The Club biscuit is the perfect antidote to stress."

So, if you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit, join our club!

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