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On Tuesday 23rd April, at around 5:30 am, a ‘ram raid’ targeted the Knight Street Nationwide. The thieves initially stole a telehandler and a Garson’s pickup truck from the George IV pub and then used them to tear out the cashpoint. Video evidence was recorded by a neighbouring resident who was woken when their building’s fire alarm was triggered, during the theft. We spoke to students about their thoughts concerning the event.  

“They took no care for the people’s lives they were hurting - there are no banks left for the old people!”, said one student. This comes after the recent closing of both Lloyd’s and Barclays buildings – Lloyd’s was sold and refurbished into a physiotherapist office, and Barclays closed some time ago and there are plans currently in motion to build a comedy club in its place.  

“How am I meant to get cheap money now?”, despaired another student. The Nationwide cash machine is reportedly the only one in Sawbridgeworth that doesn’t enforce fees to take out money.  

The video footage was circulated in the wider community via Facebook, allowing many upset residents to witness the “selfish act” that left many mornings delayed, halted and even “changed forever”, as another student laments. The pickup truck and stolen ATM were later found torched in barren Cambridge farmland, and a photograph of the remaining evidence has also been circulating.  

Aside from cosmetic and interior damage to the bank, the stolen telehandler was also left in the middle of Bell Street, causing traffic disruption and closing two major roads, much to the anguish of one disgruntled citizen: 

“I still can’t believe they reversed the JCB the wrong way up Bell Street!” 

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