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Are you a nervous Shrek?

With the new Leventhorpe Shrek production on its way, we ought to speak about it...


Leave your troubles far, far away and join an adventure as Shrek and Donkey endeavour to complete their mission of defeating the dragon and saving Princess Fiona.

I had a sneaky look into the rehearsal and saw that all was going well. It was organised and they all knew their lines. Personally, their strong suit was definitely the songs.

I interviewed Arlo and Noah, who are crucial members of this production, to see how they are finding it:

How do you think the production is going?

"I think it is going very well, we are concentrated and focused but still have fun."- Arlo

"It is going splendidly! We are very focused on our priorities and are therefore going over the parts we find the hardest."- Noah

What are your strong suits?

"I am very confident in our songs, we hit the right keys and I would rate them 9/10."- Arlo

"Our acting is probably the best but our runner-up is the songs."- Noah

You don't want to miss this in your diaries!

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