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Summer School 2021 was a Sizzling Success

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

The purpose of Leventhorpe’s first ever Summer School was to provide catch up lessons as a result of lost learning during the pandemic. It was also an opportunity to introduce our upcoming year 7s into life at Leventhorpe (including learning how to navigate their way around our constantly expanding site!) Some lucky year 9 students also had the opportunity to take part in a range of team building activities.

Year 7s enjoyed a delicious taster menu of activities including: developing and marketing their own chocolate bars, designing and presenting their own theme parks, making models for use in animation, creating and playing (very noisily at times) a range of Brazilian beats, experimenting with Adobe Photoshop, completing special science projects, and making wonderful creations in technology. The real success story however, in terms of maximum amounts of fun, was the Friday outdoor sports day and inflatable obstacle courses and games - the sound of laughter and victory raised the sports hall roof!

Great fun was had by teachers, support staff, volunteers and students. Our first Leventhorpe Summer School was, without a doubt, a sizzling success!

Here are a handful of the highlights

  • ‘Music, because we got to parade around the school.’ - Paul and Ryan

  • ‘Finding new friends so I am not lonely.’ - Amelia

  • ‘Food and snacks because they were yummy.’ - Isabel and Sophia

  • ‘Maths, because it is my favourite subject.’ - Alfie

  • ‘English, because I got to be creative.’ - Tilly

  • ‘Seeing new teachers because it is exciting and they were all really nice and fun.’ - Oakley

Scarlet Davies 11L

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