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Signing with Scarlet takes Leventhorpe by Storm

Our very own BBC Young Reporter, Scarlet Davies, has made headlines recently appearing on the BBC, as she discusses the imminent British Sign Language Bill that is set to be passed through parliament.

Do you know Signing?
Do you know Signing?

Born with bilateral Microtia, Scarlet has been hearing impaired since birth. Despite facing challenges, Scarlet has stoically overcome all hurdles that she has encountered.

A keen dancer, writer and performer, Scarlet has embraced her hearing impairment and used her experience to support others. As an ambassador for Great Ormond Street Hospital on the YPF committee, Scarlet has worked hard to ensure the voice of young people with hearing conditions can be heard by others. And now she is spreading the word about the use of British Sign Language, through the medium of music.

As stated on the site, 11 million people in the UK are deaf or hard of hearing. There are 151,000 BSL users in the UK, and deaf people are more likely to have poor mental health - up to 50%, compared to 25% for the general population.

Scarlet recognises the need for society to be more inclusive of deaf people, and what better way to do that, than to improve communication through the use of British Sign Language?

Learn sign language with Scarlet, as she signs her way through the greatest hits on LevTimes.

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