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Leventhorpe’s Sensational Singing Duo

The staff at Leventhorpe school never fail to surprise us.

In February, I had the pleasure of interviewing two of Leventhorpe’s talented staff members who make up the John and Jenny duo.

Following their incredible performance on the Leventhorpe stage during Charity Week, word has spread about the makings of this dynamic duo. And fortunately for you, I now have your questions answered…

John Banbury, a well-known member of Leventhorpe’s facilities management team, has always had aspirations to perform. Indeed, John has had ambitions to be a rock star since the age of 13. A talented guitarist, John had been part of numerous bands up until the early eighties and played in various well-known venues. Unfortunately, just before his band was set to tour in Germany, their drummer had to move to Canada, and the band was unable to pursue their dreams of stardom.

Leventhorpe’s Sensational Singing Duo
Leventhorpe’s Sensational Singing Duo

Luckily for John, a new opportunity arose unexpectedly, one autumn evening in the D-Block of Leventhorpe school. Whilst hoovering contentedly, Jenny Ashcroft sang along to her favourite ballads, unaware that scouting from the sidelines, was our very own Mr John Banbury. On hearing Jenny’s sensational voice, John approached Jenny to see if they could collaborate musically.

Jenny revealed that she had been singing for years. Her first job as a singer was overseas, singing for weekly cabaret shows in Tunisia and Lanzarote. Despite finding it difficult at first, Jenny pursued her dreams to sing, and as the crowds cheered, Jenny’s confidence soared.

Since their chance encounter in the D-Block at Leventhorpe, John and Jenny have gone from strength to strength as one of East Hertfordshire’s singing duos.

Recently, they performed at The Gate Pub, and they are due to perform at Hatfest in Hatfield Heath this summer.

Although their usual sound is contemporary, they enjoy playing a variety of music ranging from the fifties to current artists.

Keen to inspire the students at Leventhorpe, they said that their message for young, aspiring music artists, would be “to keep practising and never give up”.

For all you aspiring singers out there, Ms Ball runs the Leventhorpe school choir on Friday lunchtimes, and would be delighted for you to join.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for John and Jenny on the local music scene. John’s other band, Last Orders, also frequent local venues.

Stay tuned for more updates on our very own duo, John and Jenny.

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