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Mr Chittick

Head of Faculty for Technology

My name is Mr Chittick, I’m Head of the Design and Technology Faculty. I’ve been teaching D&T at Leventhorpe for 14 years and Head of Faculty for 7 of those years. I got my degree in Industrial Design Engineering at Brunel University and then worked for several years in Tokyo, Japan teaching English before returning to the UK to get my teaching qualifications.

My role as Head of Design and Technology is very exciting as I get to work with a team of outstanding teachers, developing innovative and challenging projects for students to work on throughout their years at Leventhorpe. D&T is a broad Faculty covering everything from Food Preparation and Nutrition, Product Design, Fashion and Textiles and much more. We work with cutting edge technology such as 3D-Printers, Laser Cutters, Programmable electronics, as well as more traditional skills and techniques.

As Head of Faculty, I oversee the curriculum planning, health and safety policy, teaching and learning objectives, assessment strategies and make sure that we are spending our budget effectively, to get the best possible value for our students’ education.

Mr Chittick
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