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  • Alyce Haynes (10c)

Beef & Pork (or Chicken) Cook-Up Rice (one pot recipe)

This receipe was handed down from my Great Grandmother in Guyana, to my Grandma to my Mum and now to me.

Alyce Haynes (10c)

Picture representing Beef & Pork (or Chicken) Cook-Up Rice (one pot recipe)
This beautiful recipe has been handed down through 4 generations!


Chicken (thighs or breast diced) or use beef (casserole) and pork (belly or shoulder). Portion for how many are eating (1 breast or thigh per person etc).

(Can also use left-over turkey or gammon/ham from Christmas).

Streaky bacon or bacon bits

1 Onion or shallot

2 or 3 Celery sticks

½ Cabbage (pointy) or bag of greens or bag of spinach (fresh)

1 tin of tomatoes

1 Knorr cube (chicken or beef)

Basmati easy cook rice (my preference is Tilda and I use 1 cup per 2 people)

Seasoning, Mixed Herbs, Season All, Salt and Pepper


Fry the bacon, meat (of your choice), onions and celery in a large casserole pot until lightly browned, soft.

Add the tomatoes, herbs, knor cube and ½ pint of water and simmer for 5 mins.

Add the cabbage, greens or spinach and simmer for 15/20 mins.

Add the rice and cover. Cook until the rice is done.

Will need stirring fairly regularly to stop the bottom of the pot from burning (although that’s my favourite part) and also will need more water dependant on how you like your rice.

Eat with a knob of butter and a little Encona Hot Pepper Sauce mixed in and some Avocado and Cucumber on the side.

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