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Mr Oakley answers your questions, as BBC Young Reporters interview our super science teacher about the new science block.

Leventhorpe has recently welcomed a new addition to our expanding site; our magnificent science block and sixth form centre.

We interviewed Mr Oakley about his thoughts on the new block.

What is your opinion of the new science block?

"I feel it is definitely an exciting addition to the school and a step up from the old block!"

Is it easier to teach in the classrooms?

"Yes, I think it takes a bit of time to get used to teaching in a new room, but it is definitely an improvement compared to the old block."

Why are the rooms a lot bigger in the new block than the old science block?

" There are now regulations that require a certain amount of space is provided in a science laboratory. These regulations mean that the new classrooms are now a lot safer for students during practicals.”

What was the reason for changing the science block?

"The old block was no longer fit for purpose. It was not properly insulated, so it wasted a lot of energy during the winter, and in the summer it became very hot. The way it was constructed meant that heat was lost through the roof!"

How long did the whole process take?

"It has taken about seven years to complete the project! This is mainly due to the way the government organises the process."

What is your favourite feature of this science block, which the old science block did not have?

"It's nice to have more space and light, and a stable temperature to work in. It is generally a much nicer environment to work in, both for the teachers and the students."

What is one thing you would like the new block to have?

"More colour; the corridors and classroom are either white or grey."

Thank you for your feedback, Mr Oakley! Let’s hope the walls are brimming with students’ delightful science work before too long.

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