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  • Eleanor Smith 10C

The Horrors of The Holocaust

History students have been enjoying Miss Hill's History Book Club.

Students meet monthly and select a book to read for four weeks, and the latest book, 'After the War', has been a big hit with readers.

Tom Palmer, a seasoned historical writer, writes about a group of young boys who have survived the horrors of Nazi concentration camps, and have come to live comfortably in the Lake District.

Even in their safe refuge, they can't find peace because they are haunted by the shadows of their past. The narrative uses other side characters with their separate plots, to tie in the horrors of war everywhere. Palmer perfectly accentuates the hopelessness felt by the three dominant boys, Yossi, Leo and Mordecai.

In the summer of 1945, the war was over. Young holocaust survivors migrated to the UK to gain safety and education. Whilst there were efforts to connect survivors with their families, many were left orphaned. This story accurately reflects the struggles of young orphans as they adjust to their new lives and come to terms with the loss of their families.

This story is an accurate and hauntingly beautiful tale of triumph over adversity, yet there is an ever-present realism of the impact of trauma.

The book is appropriate for children. Interestingly, it's an educational and sensitive novel for teaching about The Holocaust. It has small moments that change the atmosphere of the narrative by adding facts that are so horrifying they seem untrue.

Whilst the book didn't have incredible highs or lows, it reflects the narrative: a group of young boys attempting to find peace after a hectic time. This book can help us find peace by allowing us to remember and reflect on the past from a different perspective.

Overall, I rate it 8 out of 10.

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