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Save the world, one plant at a time…

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Climate change, lack of variety of species and litter, is affecting planet earth severely, but here’s an article that will show you what you can do to help.

Things to plant in your garden…


Nasturtiums are a wonderful plant that are actually edible to humans and add an extra tone of green to your garden.

Not only this but they are home to many, many large white caterpillars.

But why nasturtiums? Well, large white caterpillars have quite an impressive skill, they extract mustard oil from their food plants which makes them unpalatable to birds. Nasturtiums, like a few other plants, contain lots of mustard oil (in their leaves) and are edible to the large whites and so have a perfect combination.


Buddleias, while attracting lots of wildlife, are also a wonderful added feature to your garden; they have lots of bunches of tiny flowers that have a wonderful scent. They also come in many colours for example, purple, pink, white and sometimes even blue.

Stinging Nettles Though the obvious downside of stinging nettles is being stung, stinging nettles do have an amazing impact on local wildlife. A little-known fact is that butterflies love to lay their eggs on stinging nettle leaves. The nettles provide great protection from predators, but fortunately for butterflies, they don’t feel their sting, therefore making nettles a perfect place for nesting.

If you have a ‘wild area’ of your garden then stinging nettles are a great thing to add and if not, make one! It can be as little as one square metre.

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