• Luca Mathias, 10R

Compassion for Channel Crossing Victims

At least 31 immigrants have died trying to cross the English Channel in the hope of a better life. Including a pregnant woman and a young girl.

The Government began collecting data in 2014, according to the International Organisation for Migration. Since then, successful Channel crossings increased by over 300% in 2021, compared to the year before, resulting in many tragic deaths. When people see news, like the montage of tragedies that pass by our TV screens, many ask themselves: “Why?”

The reasons behind immigration are pretty straightforward. War, persecution, poverty and famine are some of the main reasons people decide to leave everything behind in hope of a better life.

Some British people ask why refugees risk their lives to leave France and come to the UK; the story behind this is complex. Many refugees may already speak English or have family members living in the UK. To many, this hardly seems like a reason to risk your life.

It seems, that most refugees choose the UK as their final destination simply because the British government and people tend to treat refugees relatively well– or at least more so than countries like France, where many refugees are currently living.

The abuse and mistreatment of refugees are more abundantly clear than ever; from Belarus intentionally forcing refugees towards Europe, sick power games within the EU, to the smuggling gangs extorting millions from the most vulnerable people

People and governments often don’t care about refugees and see them as a problem more than anything. First of all, to stop this 'problem', we need to stop thinking of refugees as a problem and treat them as human beings. Then, we need to make a decent legal alternative to the horrific and dangerous journeys people have to make right now, and then maybe we would have a world where children haven't got to drown in the hope of a better life.

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