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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Excitement and energy radiate from French-speaking teachers and students this autumn, as Leventhorpe launched the fabulous French Film Club.

In this wonderful new club, students can enjoy brilliant French film classics, including the poignant and hilarious movie, Untouchable, staring Lupin’s, Omar Sy.

Students improve their practical understanding of French by watching films and following along with subtitles, in a fun and relaxed environment.

This is proving to be a popular and successful way to connect the French and English Language. French is a hugely popular area of the curriculum and students have tomber amoureux with French film.

Enthusiastic linguist, Thea Hall 10C, says, ‘French Clubs are a great, fun experience, for students to explore their interest in the French language, and the club allows us to see the dynamics of French media. When students have discussions and share their opinions, it helps us to understand what we enjoy about French culture. It’s also a good way for students like myself, who didn’t take a language, to enjoy foreign languages.

Another upside of the French Film Club, is that it offers an opportunity for students taking French and Spanish to separate them mentally and learn the languages in a different capacity to the classroom.

I think Spanish and French are different, especially in culture and film, and it’s good for us to see this on the big screen! It helps us to broaden our minds and understand the world around us.’

Natasha Richards, another passionate linguist from 10F, says, “Studying Spanish and French is very beneficial because you get to learn two major languages that will help us greatly in the future”.

The French Film Club is open to all students, so please contact a French teacher, or join the Club on Arbor.


Written by Eleanor Smith 10C

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