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  • Ezzy Lacey

Anyone for Bubble Tea?

KTeas Bubble Tea shop is a gorgeous little café placed right in the centre of Sawbridgeworth. They sell a wide range of delicious speciality snacks and drinks, including lucky charm doughnuts and their huge milk and fruit tea menu.

K Teas - Bubble Tea
K Teas - Shop-front on Bell Street

What is bubble tea, you may ask? Well, it’s a mixture of green jasmine tea and a flavoured fruit syrup added to small popping bubbles. These bubbles burst in your mouth with an explosion of flavoured fruit juice.

We spoke to the owner, Katy Little, to get further insight into the business. Katy told us that her 'favourite part' of running Kteas, "is when somebody likes what I give them and if they enjoy their drinks and food." She went on to tell us that she also "enjoys seeing my customers happy, especially the older people who come in and want their cup of tea or coffee and a good chat."

Covid-19 has been a large part of all of our lives in the last few years, but it has especially affected small businesses. We asked Katy how her business has been affected by the pandemic.

K Teas - Bubble Tea
K Teas - Bubble Tea

“We opened during Covid, so I have noticed a significant difference coming out of the last lockdown. It has been a lot more relaxed since people can come and sit down."

KTeas has a peaceful atmosphere (I've been known to visit just to grab a hot chocolate and read a good book) from the beautiful decorations (with some great insta worthy photo walls!), to their lovely staff team, a lot of whom are young people. We asked Katy a bit about her young staff.

“Yes, I do hire young people! They do everything! So, they are in charge of, and run, everything when I’m not there."

We asked Katy why she chose to open the shop in Sawbridgeworth. Katy told us, “I live in Sawbo and the shop is actually my parents' old living room! So, it was an easy choice really! Everybody is really friendly and nice and talkative."

Katy says that the best way to help out her small business is by following and promoting the shop Instagram: @mykteas

by Ezzy Lacey 12F

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