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PE Champions

Maxie has shown fantastic committment to PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs the whole academic year. He is work ethic and resilience is excellent which has led to him being a member of a number of sports teams. This was topped off last week when Maxie got a wicket in his first ever Cricket game. Great work Maxie.

Maxie Randall

Year 7

For always trying her hardest in lessons, following instructions and implementing the lesson content into the game. Lois is very committed to extra-curricular also and has represented Leventhorpe in all sports available to her. Well done, Lois.

Lois Covill 

Year 7

Thea has shown a huge improvement in her athletics ability, she is always at athletics training on a Monday to help improve her running and discus, she has since put 3m on her discus PB this month alone.

Thea Brabant-Rudd.

Year 8

Ronnie has been really engaged and enthusiastic in all PE lesssons. He has been working incredibly hard to complete all tasks to the best of his ability enabling him to produce some high-quality work. I have been really impressed with how Ronnie has matured as a learner and he has demonstarted that he is compentent in all of the recent sporting activities that he has been doing. Keep up the great work Ronnie.

Ronnie Chappell

Year 8

For excellemt commitment to the County League athletics team. Myla has been fantastic in the two Athletics competitions that she has attended. She finished 1st place in both of the 200m races that she has competed in and was a vital part of the year 9 and 10 winning relay team. Top work Myla, well done.

Myla McNamara

Year 9

Ben has a fantastic attitude towards learning and works really hard in PE lessons. He has also shown excellent commitment to extra curricular activities and represented Leventhorpe in numerous teams. Recently, Ben has been attending county league athletics competitions and throwing the shot for the u15 team. He has come 1st place in all compettions so far. Keep up the work Ben, well done.

Ben Thomas

Year 9

Florence always works hard in her GCSE PE lessons and has recently been rewarded for that with an excellent result in her GCSE PE mock exam.  She also worked extremely hard on both activities whilst we were away in Yorkshire and won the 10 mile bike race against the rest of the girls!  Great work Florence 

Florence Isherwood

Year 10

His dedication to GCSE PE lately has been outstanding.  He made some working models of levers which were fantastic and will probably help students for year to come to understand this difficult subject.  He was also a tour legend on our recent trip to Yorkshire, where he worked very hard on both activities to ensure that he got the best possible grades, then to top it all off he achieved the highest mark in the year in the recent year 10 mock exams.  Well done Grady, Keep it up! 

Grady Butler

Year 10

Mollie is a really mature learner who has shown excellent commitment to BTEC Sport and Exercise Science. Mollie has an excellent work ethic and a drive to succeed wich has led to her consitently producing some really high quality work. Well done Mollie.

Mollie McManus

6th Form

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